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Do you know what that creepy edible thing might be in the picture above? Some of you might. I don’t. Now, would you try it? That’s arguable.

But let’s just say you find it interesting and you really want to try it. Consider it edible and you a non-vegan (just saying — it doesn’t look like herbs on a plate to me). Now would you take a bite? Or would you see and ask if a friend would go first?

Quite frighteningly, what I have come to realize now is that the same applies to everything. Every decision we take. Sadly, only a handful of us ever takes that bite ourselves. Presuming the entire crowd is non-vegetarian, most wouldn’t go first for it themselves. People can get hyped about something big and yet they don’t take a step into it themselves. Well, why? Why not take that step?

For starters — we’re trapped. We are too afraid of where it can take us or what people might say. Or worse, we never think of that possibility. A road that’s nothing more than an image. Well, I’ll say this isn’t one of Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted speeches — this is a cherry on top of it.

If I had never tried jotting something down because someone told me I wouldn’t get anything out of it, I probably would have gotten nowhere. Now, I can say that at least I write. Something I’m known for among the people that know me. What’s more? I don’t just write for the joy of it now. I know its value in financial terms. Oh, writing (SEO too actually) is one hell of a potential thing today, I can tell you, and powerful too… if you know how to.

But we’re not here to talk about writing, are we? However, I would have never known about it at all if I never started my own website. And that’s what we’re talking about — starting. Leaving the career and future blah blah aside, ‘starting’ applies to frankly everything.

You see something that interests you, go ahead and see where it takes you . You find someone attractive, tell them regardless of what he or she may think.

Because without giving yourself that push, you’ll never know what could have been different. And what could one possibly lose?

It’s true, the joy and creativity of children is squandered by the society today. Ruthlessly. Tell them don’t do this. Don’t do that. Don’t go that way, you’ll end up nowhere. Nowhere being where some billionaires end up today.

No matter how wild it may seem. How anybody might look at you when you do.





Turning 20 this year. A Computer Science undergrad currently stuck at home with a blog. If not working on a blog post, I’ll be busy editing a book.

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Manas Patil

Manas Patil

Turning 20 this year. A Computer Science undergrad currently stuck at home with a blog. If not working on a blog post, I’ll be busy editing a book.

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