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Things to know about Bangalore: I’ve been living in Bangalore for more than a year now. Apart from the places I’ve visited and written on, there are so many other fascinating things to know about Bangalore — things that most tourists wouldn’t bother.

Apart from Bangalore being famous for its streets, development, nightlife, and beautiful parks, this focuses on the local lifestyle in Bangalore, its growth with the tech industry, and its never-ending hustle and bustle.

Although the tech industry is vast, many other sectors keep it growing. To the travelers reading this, this shall help you understand the locals here when you visit Bangalore. Consider this as an insights guide to all the things to know about Bangalore!

Things to know about Bangalore

Bangalore’s known to be the Silicon Valley of India with some of the world’s biggest tech corporations operating in this city. Not to mention, the well-known IT hub is also the capital of Karnataka.

Also, many tech startups and Indian companies reside here. However, it’s not only about the booming industry. That’s not why tourism has grown over the years in Bangalore.

While Bangalore doesn’t have beaches to relax in for vacations, what makes it alluring are the markets and the services. The services that the city has to offer you are endless — be it getting an Amazon delivery within a day, or getting to your destination the cheapest way possible — Bangalore has it!

Regarding the current pandemic, there are additional things to know about Bangalore on its COVID-19 travel guidelines. Please refer to them before your visit.

Best Time to Visit Bangalore

This is another beauty and one of the many things to know about Bangalore. Be it the rainy season or the summer — it always has a great moderate climate. Although the winters from September to February are cool, it’s neither very hot nor cold to live in.

Located in the bottom region of Karnataka, the weather is always comfortable. As you move up towards North Karnataka — districts like Huballi-Dharwad and Belgaum can get really hot in the summers.

However, for the sake of travel, let’s talk about the months to tour Bangalore:

The Spring Season — March

Things to know about Bangalore

Right after the winters ending in February, March begins with cool yet warm days. Days where you wouldn’t need to turn on the fan, and neither wear a warm jacket when you step out — they’re perfect!

But here’s the real beauty of it when it comes to Spring in Bangalore — the pink Bangalore (#pinkBangalore)! The pink trumpet trees, also known as Tabebuia Rosea, are the Cherry Blossoms of Bangalore.

Cubbon Park is one great public spot to find these pink trees. Stand out and look for them especially when it’s windy. With the flowers’ gentle falls, it’s a paradise to the flower admirers.

Not just gardens and popular parks, these plants are found on the streets, railway stations, and campus grounds. In fact, we didn’t have to get out of our campus to check out the blossoms. They were all over the place!

Days of March in Reva University, Bangalore

Things to know about Bangalore: The Spring, however, isn’t very long. By the end of March, the fall of the pink stops. These trees remain bare for a while before leaves grow again. Thus, make sure to visit Bangalore in early or mid-March to see the pink trumpet trees!

Here are some great pictures of these trees all over the city.

April, too, falls under the spring season with its comfortable warm weather.

Summer Season in Bangalore

It’s hard to call it summer in Bangalore. It’s more of mild warmth in April, May, and June rather than strong heat.

With the city boasting its plush gardens everywhere, the coolness remains even when it gets sunny. In fact, when it does get hot, one raining session can cool off the place again.

However, tourists still avoid visiting during the summer — the primary reason being travel.

Bangalore’s also known for its great traffic. And when you’re stuck on the streets on a vehicle for hours under the heat, it really gets under your skin. So when visiting in the summers, it’s best to put on a hat and sun lotion (sunglasses too).

On the bright side, the summers are great to visit the many amusement parks here like Wonderla and Water World.

Winters — the Christmas, New Year’s eve, and the Coziness

Winters are chilly but just perfect for a Christmas. The months of November, December, January, and February fall under Winter in Bangalore. With the temperature ranging from 16–27 degrees, it’s perfect for outdoor strolls.

Leaving the climate aside, it’s also the most beautiful time of the year. Many people come to the city to celebrate New Year’s Eve and Christmas. The big streets like the MG road get crowded and the shopping malls intense with decorations — it’s a whole vibe on its own.

MG Road is known for its expensive eating houses and shops. But it’s more well known for its bars, clubs, and nightlife.

Read about my visit to MG Road here:

It’s mostly the evening decorations and the pompous of the streets that people come to see. After all, Bangalore is known for its nightlife, isn’t it?

Since most places get crowded during the winters, make sure to book your restaurant and accommodations first.

Speaking of evenings, the winter nights in Bangalore are cold — you wouldn’t need an air-conditioner at any cost. All you’ll need is a warm cozy bed!

Essentials to Pack for Bangalore

Whatever time of the year, here are the basic essentials to carry at all times when you tour the city:

  • Comfortable shoes — When you’re a tourist in Bangalore, you’ll be walking a lot and fast! So keep comfort as your priority for footwear.
  • Skin Moisturizer — Bangalore’s cold and dry weather, especially in winters, can be harsh for the skin. Keep a face moisturizer to keep it from getting arid.

The Way of Life in Bangalore

It’s always a plus to know the locals and anticipate what you’ll face before you visit a place. Thus I decided to put this on the things to know about Bangalore.

People in Bangalore, like most big cities, are always in a hurry. The cab driver that picks you up or even the hotel porter that carries your luggage, no one has time to talk.

Image Source: Metrosaga

You’ll see more of the busy lives in the popular streets like Koramangla, Malleshwaram, and HSR layout. When you book a cab or order something, you should expect your services delivered in 5–10 minutes.

Do People in Bangalore speak English?

While Kannada is Karnataka’s language and Bangalore is its capital, Kannada is the most spoken language. However, it isn’t the only language spoken here. Bangalore is diverse with people from different states of India. And everyone understands English.

For travelers, speaking English in Bangalore should do fine.

A person whose job is to speak to many people here can be expected to speak at least Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, and English. When you sit in a group of 50 here, expect to hear some Punjabi, Bengali, and Marathi as well!

How Expensive is Bangalore for Travel — Bangalore Trip Cost

Bangalore is a pool of choices for all ranges of facilities and there’s a ton of things to know about Bangalore. It depends on how comfortable you want to get. And also how much you’re willing to spend on the trip.

According to BudgetYourTrip, the average cost for 1 person is 13,000 rupees for one week. But that includes accommodations. Most travelers from other parts of India have relatives in Bangalore, so rates differ from person to person.

And since Bangalore is expensive and vast, touring Bangalore every day will cost a lot for transport. So plan your itinerary firsthand. Visit the clusters of attractions in nearby spots in one go before visiting the next destination.

For example, visit Cubbon Park in the morning, a park with pink blossoms in March. Then walk to the popular Visvesvaraya Museum and spend your afternoon there. Then take a stroll by the Church Street restaurants and the MG road markets (only 1 kilometer away from Cubbon Park).

Cubbon Park

Travel Tips when Visiting Bangalore on a Budget

Things to know about Bangalore: Here are some travel tips and things to know about Bangalore when you’re traveling on a budget:

  • Be punctual — Be punctual on your tour and avoid any delays. Once I booked a cab and got to the pickup location 2 minutes late — and my ride was canceled!
  • Use services like Ola, Uber, or ZoomCar — The taxi stand fares aren’t standard and they’ll charge you more. Book your rides from cab service apps like Ola and Uber at modest rates. Or if you’re comfortable driving around Bangalore yourself, ZoomCar rentals are great for short-period rentals too. They can save a lot of money when you’re traveling a lot.
  • Avoid peak hours — The city’s known for its traffic. It’s best to avoid traveling in the rush hours of mornings or evenings or on Sundays.
  • Travel less, visit more places — Bangalore is HUGE and has a lot of places to see. So when you’re somewhere, check for the nearby places to visit first before moving to your next destination.
  • Book your accommodation early — For tourists visiting on festival occasions, popular accommodations get fully booked or prices hike up. So book your stays prior to arrival.
  • Look for Stays away from Commercial Streets — Accommodations on the popular market streets are expensive. Walk a few blocks away to find similar accommodations for lower rates.
  • Check for accommodations on HostelWorld — HostelWorld.com provides stays for budget travels at cheap rates. Some rooms range from 300–400 rupees. Check out HostelWorld accommodations in Bangalore here.

Must-Visit Places to Visit in Bangalore

Things to know about Bangalore: Most people come to Bangalore on business occasions. But when looking for places to visit, there are abundant spots to check out. But here are some places worth the time in Bangalore.

  1. Wonderla — The amusement park with numerous land rides and water rides is a must-visit spot in Bangalore. Visiting Wonderla is a one-day trip.
  2. Cubbon Park — Not only is the park beautiful and full of life, but it’s also about the surroundings. Located in the middle of one of the fastest-growing cities in India with huge entities and workplaces around it, Cubbon Park is a pretty rich area. Though in between the real hustles of Bangalore, the mornings are silent and a paradise to visit.
  3. Lal Bagh Botanical Garden
  4. Nandi Hills — The hills don’t come in Bangalore. It’s a 50 km drive from Bangalore early in the morning. Every other person would have visited Nandi Hills (or Nandi Betta) here. The key attraction here is the breathtaking view of sunrise after the mist clears up.
  5. Bannerghatta National Park
  6. Brigade Road — This is close to MG road and it’s a vast marketplace street in the heart of Bangalore. It’s beautiful to visit during special occasions like Diwali with the whole street lit with lights.
  7. Dog Cafes — Though pricey, a meal at one of these restaurants is a must-visit for dog lovers. They’re outdoor eating spots where you can play along with dogs too. Read my post on dog cafes in Bangalore.
8 Things to Know about Bangalore for the Best Travel Experience

Tailpiece — Things to Know about Bangalore

The majority of the people that come to Bangalore are either for business, to find jobs, or to study (like me).

Over the years, it has grown from just being a commercial industry to a beautiful city with a great environment with its tourism and greenery. It’s becoming aware of its heritage — and thus preserving it.

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